"The Art of Explanation is one of the top two business books I've ever read."

—Donald Miller, CEO of StoryBrand and New York Times best-selling author


"A great product or service doesn't sell itself. Many entrepreneurs struggle to explain their products and services to customers and investors. If you've got something you need to explain, you couldn't do better than Lee LeFever's new book, The Art of Explanation. Lee pioneered simple video explanations on the web, and finally he shares his secrets in this fantastic how-to book."

—Dave Gray, Founder of Xplane and author of Gamestorming and The Connected Company


"LeFever demystifies how to take an idea and make it spread."

—Nancy Duarte, principal of Duarte, Inc., author of Resonate and Slide:ology


"Incoherence is one of those undesirable traits, right up there with treachery and tardiness. The Art of Explanation straightens all of us out. And personally, I'm relieved."

—Sunni Brown, co-author of Gamestorming and a Doodle Revolutionary


"It’s amazing and simple and will advance anyone’s communication skills."

—Ben Crawford, Partner at Epipheo Studios


"In our increasingly complex yet connected world, many people are talking about the importance of individuals and organizations going social, getting closer with key stakeholders, co-creating with customers and other kinds of collaboration. We hear more talk of transparency and trust. Yet none of this can lead to success, even with the smartest talent and apt analytics, if people don’t understand what you are offering. First, you need to know exactly how to describe your product, service or idea so others get it. That’s why Lee LeFever’s new book The Art of Explanation is a must-read.

"From his first-hand experience, as the founder of Common Craft, making the complex understandable to anyone, Lee has honed a proven, step-by-step process. Make your branding, customer service, market research and all key company functions, well, function, by taking this first step. Become an adept explainer."

—Kare Anderson, author of Moving From Me to We, columnist for Forbes and Huffington Post, speaker on connective behavior and quotability


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