Invite Lee to Speak at Your Event!

Lee is a sought-after speaker thanks to his engaging, multimedia presentations that are designed to help the audience become better explainers.

His talks evolve constantly, but generally focus on explanation as a skill that can be developed and used to create change.

Recent titles include:

  • The Art of Explanation - How to Make Your Ideas Easier to Understand
  • How to Solve Explanation Problems

If you are interested, please contact us. Be sure to include the details for the event (date, place, length of presentation, etc.)


Upcoming Appearances

Lee will be speaking at these upcoming events:

TBD: Agile NYC

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San Jose, CA: Information Development World

Lee will be keynoting the second day of this event.

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Past Appearances

EMP: Creative Mornings Seattle

Lee will be speaking at Creative Mornings Seattle.

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Orlando, FL: Keynote: Assn. of Institutional Research

Lee will be keynoting the AIR Forum. 

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Creekside Community Centre, Vancouver BC: NetSquared Event Keynote

Lee will keynote this event.

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Turing Auditorium, Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Tech Briefings

Join us as Lee LeFever explains the concepts of Common Craft, a website dedicated to making the world a more understandable place to live and work by helping professionals become better explainers. Common Craft has been recognized in the Internet and business communities for their ability to make complex subjects easy to understand.

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Austin, Texas: SXSW Edu

Lee and Sachi LeFever will be attending SXSW Edu.

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Connecticut: Private Event

Lee will be presenting at a private event.

Victoria, BC: Beyond the Hype

Lee will be keynoting the event Beyond The Hype, a gathering of leaders in PR and communications. 

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Scottsdale, AZ: Private Event

Presentation and Discussion on the Art of Explanation.

Galiano Island, BC, Canada: Fireworks Factory Marketing Event

Sydney, Australia: Amplify Festival

I will be hosting a workshop on "The Art of Explanation" during the 13th annual Amplify Festival "Shift Happened: Transformation Required." The Festival runs from June 3-7, 2013.

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Portland, Or: WebVisions Portland

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Atlanta, GA: Society for Tech. Communication Summit

I will be speaking at the Society for Technincal Communication Summit on The Art of Explanation.

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Austin, TX: SXSW Interactive

I'll be attending SXSW Interactive in 2013. Sachi and I have submitted a talk "The Art (and Power) of Explanation" to the panel. We'll let you know if we're chosen to speak... Find out more about the talk and how you can vote for our session.

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The Manifest, Honolulu, HI: Book Signing and Meetup

Come have a drink and pupus with Lee and Sachi of Common Craft and the book The Art of Explanation. Bring your book to be signed or grab one at the event.

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Town Hall, Seattle, WA: Ignite Seattle 18

My ignite talk will discuss the basics of explanation and how to take a complex idea and explain it with context, connections and stories. My hope is that everyone will leave with ideas for how they can be better explainers.

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